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The McGlothlin family began in a modest farmhouse nestled in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, in Buchanan County.  Though the family was sustained in the early years through agrarian efforts and coal mining, the McGlothlins later became involved with oil, gas, real estate and financial services.


Today, The McGlothlin Foundation wishes to direct its philanthropy to worthy causes in higher education, healthcare, and the arts.  The primary interest of the Foundation centers on infrastructure and brick and mortar projects; however, attention will be given to programmatic proposals as well.  The Foundation's geographic area of interest is for projects located within Southwest Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, and Northeast Tennessee.



The McGlothlin Foundation offers it's assistance to those who wish to maintain the beauty of their surroundings, improve the health of all peoples and prepare mankind to live in a more civil and peaceful environment, through aid to higher education, healthcare, and the arts.

Areas of



Whereas The McGlothlin Foundation's higher education focus will give primary concern to proposals for private institutions, some consideration will be given for state-supported colleges and universities.  Higher education grants include support for brick and mortar proposals as well as aid for programmatic needs.


The Foundation has an interest in providing grants to support hospitals and healthcare foundations with capital projects.


The Foundation will provide grants for theatres and museums for capital projects.

Woodrow W. McGlothlin

Founder - August 1998

1914 - 2005

- Woodrow McGlothlin -

Painting located within McGlothlin Center for the Arts building

Emory & Henry College

- Woodrow and Sally McGlothlin -

Painting located within McGlothlin Hall

Appalachian College of Pharmacy

- Officers -

  Thomas D. McGlothlin - President    |

|    Michael G. McGlothlin - Secretary    |

|    James W. McGlothlin - Treasurer    |

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