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** Grant applications must be received by April 30 **



The Foundation makes grants to non-profit organizations that are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and are not classified as private foundations.  It accepts proposals from January through April of each year.  Awards are made in December of each year.  Only written proposals will be reviewed.  Those applicants that have been turned down may re-submit one year after denial.  All applicants should understand that rejection of a proposal in no way means a rejection of the proposer.


There is no fixed minimum or maximum to the size of the grants, however, since the Foundation wishes to assist with capital projects it is preferred that the organizations will be considered only after the expiration of the grant period for any existing award from the Foundation.  The Foundation does NOT intend to become part of the annual budget of any organization.




Following a letter of inquiry, if the letter describes a project of interest, the applicant may follow the guidelines listed below:


-Cover letter giving a brief, but comprehensive overview of the applying organization and its mission, goals, and accomplishments.


-A complete description of the project that the organization is requesting monies for and information as to its importance to the organization.


-An outline both chronological and financial for completion of this project and biographical information on the person who will be personally in charge.


-A copy of your organization's budget and a list of your funding sources.


-A listing of where you hope to get all the funds for this particular project.


-A statement showing plans for continuing support after the completion of the project. 


-An audited financial statement for the prior year.


-Names and principal affiliations of the directors/trustees of your organization.


-A projected organizational operating budget covering the time period that the project will be under construction.


-Documentation that the project is supported by the board of trustees/directors if the project is a major investment in a building or program.


-A notarized affidavit certifying current tax-exempt status.


-A letter of completion of the project when the status is reached.


-A visit will be required if the applicant is unknown to the Foundation.


To apply for a grant, please send a cover letter to Thomas D. McGlothlin, president of The McGlothlin Foundation.  The cover letter should include the following:



     -A description of the project


     -Budget requirements


     -Evidence of tax-exempt status



The letter should not exceed two pages in length.  If the project falls within the interests of the Foundation, a meeting with the applicant may be requested.  A full set of guidelines will be provided if the proposal is to be put in final form.




Mail applications to:


The McGlothlin Foundation

Thomas D. McGlothlin

1005 Glenway Avenue

Bristol, VA  24201



The McGlothlin Foundation does not make grants to individuals, nor will it consider grants of a political nature.  Also, the Foundation will not allow itself to become part of your budget.

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