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McGlothlin Awards honors teaching excellence

Two outstanding teachers were honored as winners of the McGlothlin Awards for Teaching Excellence at a ceremony April 6th at Radford University's Bondurant Auditorium.


The McGlothlin Awards for Teaching Excellence, sponsored by The McGlothlin Foundation, now in its 18th year, annually recognize two of the Blue Ridge region's best teachers. This year, Glen Chilcote, a music teacher at Kipps Elementary School in Montgomery County, and Fred Mitchell, a Carroll County High School chemistry teacher, were winners of the elementary and secondary categories, respectively. Thomas D. McGlothlin, president of the McGlothlin Foundation in Bristol, Virginia, presented Chilcote and Mitchell with checks of $25,000 each and trophies.  Each of the four runners-up received $1000 and a trophy.


McGlothlin award winners must use a portion of their $25,000 prizes within a year for international travel to broaden their thinking, to further enhance their excellence as professional educators and bring the world to their classroom.  “This is part of a very important initiative to inspire and recruit teachers into the wonderful and rewarding teaching profession,” said Dean Kenna Colley (Dean of the School of Education at RU). “This event will inspire you to remind the world that teachers are the ones that truly make the difference.”  The awards ceremony was sponsored by the McGlothlin Foundation, Blue Ridge PBS and Radford University's College of Education and Human Development.


*After awarding $972,000 for 18 years, the award came to an end last year.  The following individuals were winners of the McGlothlin Award for Teaching Excellence:

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